Wednesday, December 02, 2009

much needed break

my thanksgiving break was 9 days long. what a joy.
my break started out by going down to provo to spend a few days with kaitlin and joslin until they were done with classes. we then headed to their house in fruitland idaho where we spent many fun days. here are some pictures of a few of our fun events. for those who don't know the farmer family are like family. our families have known each other for about 20 years. so although i didn't go home to my farrar family, i went home to my farmer family.

my surprise owl birthday cake


kaitlin said...

i'm glad we got to play so much this semester...though it's going to be a shock now when i don't get to see you for like EVER.
love you.

Savanna said...

You ALWAYS have the best pictures!! So cute! So is your hair, I love it!