Monday, December 06, 2010

                  ~i have moved~
No, not to switzerland yet silly. just blogs. craziness. like i said earlier, i filled my photo quota and i didnt want to pay for more for air space so i moved and started a NEW BLOG. this one will still be here, but you can now find me active HERE. it is sad to leave this blog, it has been with me since 2006, but worse things have happened.

add me to your reader already.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

we're crazies.

we let this go on for a looong time, but not too long...if we made it to an hour then i would say too long.

1:48 PM me: just finished your painting! i just have to spray it with a sealer tomorrow!
Julene: OMG!!!!!
when am i going to get it?
11:49 PM me: christmas morning of course!
11:50 PM Julene: WHAT!!! I don't get it before then.
wait. are you coming to my house christmas morning to give it to me?
11:51 PM Julene: OMG.
wait, are you santa clause?
11:53 PM me: noo nooo im mrs clause...santa is jachen
11:54 PM Julene: omg. is this is like the movie Santa Clause 2 where he has to get married in order to truly become santa?
11:55 PM me: noo. we just have to get married in the US we are already married in the north pole
Julene: omg. you are married and you didn't tell me?
11:56 PM me: well, i really shouldnt even told you i was mrs clause...i have had to keep that a secret from you for well since i have meet you
11:57 PM Julene: it's ok, i forgive you.
so can i come work as an elf?
i know i'm not technically an elf but i am pretty small and i do have very nimble fingers.
11:58 PM me: sorry, we only use technically elvers
yes we call them elvers there
11:59 PM Julene: hahahahaha.
then what about buddy the elf. he wasn't a real elf.
12:00 AM me: ya i know, he was just an actor in a movie. duh.
ps what is your middle name?
12:01 AM Julene: Laree
me: ya see all real elvers middle names are a christmas sorry..
Julene: bahahahahaha.
i seriously just laughed out loud.
12:02 AM me: wait, are you making fun of the elvers?
12:03 AM Julene: no of course not. i am an elf.
me: wait really?
but you said your middle name was laree
12:04 AM Julene: what you didn't know is that Laree means gingerbread in danish.
me: what is santas name in danish?
answer in 5
12:05 AM yup, like i thought. you dont know.
12:06 AM Julene: i don't know. i don't speak danish. my mom just told me what my middle name meant.
me: all danish elves are to know santas name in danish
Julene: i think i would have told you if i spoke danish.
12:07 AM me: its like a code to seperate the fake elves from the real elvers
Julene: i wasn't raised around other elves. and my parents aren't elves, so they didn't know.
12:08 AM me: ohh so you are a mugblood?
me: are you sure youre not an ewok?
12:10 AM sometimes ewoks get confused for elves
12:11 AM Julene: yes, i'm sure. i would be more hairy if i was an ewok.
me: well if that is the logic...where are you elf ears?
12:13 AM Julene: well my parents got the pointy part of my ears sergically removed when i was little because the other kids were making fun of me.
12:14 AM me: oh so you didnt stick up for the elvers? you just let them bash them and then you go and remove your pointy ears? disgrace
12:15 AM santa is going to hear about this.
12:16 AM Julene: i'm sorry. i was 2 years old, i didn't have much say in the matter.
12:17 AM me: elves earn their accountability at the age of 2! so therefore you were accountable! you did have a say in the matter! and still you lie to mrs clause and say you didnt...?
12:19 AM Julene: well i did say something, but i was too small to physically defend myself. i was too weak. it was the biggest mistake of my life.
i have nightmares about it every night.
12:20 AM every night i lie awake and instead of sugar plums dancing around in my head, i have elf ears with evil faces on them throwing spears at me.
12:21 AM me: well i have considered all the evidence. and it seems to me that you have worked hard proving your dedication to the elvers. i can see that you were truly effected by the choices of your muggle parents and you are strong now and have the heart to make a great elf.
12:22 AM Julene: omg. thank you. this means the world to me. you will not regret this.
12:23 AM this is the happiest day of my life.
12:25 AM me: but first we have to have a grand counsel to vote you in..since you have lost your point ears, you dont know santas name in danish which is Julemandan by the way. so we just have to take this up with the council of the elvers
12:26 AM Julene: ok. i hope for a good response.
12:27 AM i will wait eagerly with open ears and an open heart.
12:28 AM me: i will inform the council of this.
Julene: ok. thank you.
wait, how long have we been talking about elves?
12:29 AM i'm pretty sure it's been like an hour.
me: just about
Julene: bahahahahaha
me: since 1154
Julene: bahahahaha. omg.
me: I KNOW. who does that?!?
12:30 AM Julene: we do aparantly.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


i have been informed i have come to my limit of photos allotted on my picaso(where the photos are kept that connect them to my blog). about 3 blogs are connected to that same i need to come up with a plan.
any advice??

Sunday, November 28, 2010

mr. davenport

my goooood friend taylor is coming home in TWO days, just two, from his mission. im obsessed with this. i have been counting down for TWO years. now i just have to count down hours. i am thrilled.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanksgiving with these folks

we will leave tomorrow in the snow to drive off to have thanksgiving with the farmer family and lindsay in idaho. many a thanksgivings have been spent together and this will be my last one before i move away to europe. no snow can keep us from coming, well unless there is a blizzard.
you can find last thanksgiving at the Farmer's here.

Monday, November 22, 2010


what i have been longing for for years...what i have been longing for every trip to target, every trip to ikea, every long glance at urban outfitters home decor, every time i come across a home goodie...the owning of a house to decorate for my very own. ecstatic. this april the decorating and home owning begins. ecstatic. i took pictures of the house we will be living in to get my mind thinking of how we can revamp it monica and jachenator style. i am really liking the below items. especially that grey couch. yes, please. did i mention i was ecstatic about this?? let it begin!

all from urban outfitters, who has stores in switzerland and who ships there, except the fur frame, which if i did i would make myself.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

not for muggle eyes

very harry potter-esque, wouldn't you say?
click HERE and see for yourself. (wave your mouse over the dresses)

things i {LOVE}

i have wanted this perfume for a good couple years, but haven't seen it here in stores. when i was in germany i found it. i may just have to see if it's still there come april.

DUH. i should own this. lens thermos. apparently there are many different ones out there. who knew! mine would have to be a canon one of course. i could handle snuggling up on my couch with cocoa inside this.

i love these nail polish colors from forever 21.

i want a watch like this...simple elegant with a large face and this one has a chocolate metallic like strap.

i love these boots. i have always wanted a pair of duck boots for winter. they would be perfect for my upcoming living in snowy wintered switzerland. from here.

these would make for great boots too. from here.

a pair of slipper boots from here. so great to wear around the house and keep my always cold footsies warm.