Monday, November 22, 2010


what i have been longing for for years...what i have been longing for every trip to target, every trip to ikea, every long glance at urban outfitters home decor, every time i come across a home goodie...the owning of a house to decorate for my very own. ecstatic. this april the decorating and home owning begins. ecstatic. i took pictures of the house we will be living in to get my mind thinking of how we can revamp it monica and jachenator style. i am really liking the below items. especially that grey couch. yes, please. did i mention i was ecstatic about this?? let it begin!

all from urban outfitters, who has stores in switzerland and who ships there, except the fur frame, which if i did i would make myself.


mr. and mrs. wheeler said...

your house is going to look so awesome i can't wait to see pictures!
you should post a picture of the house you're moving into so i can start getting even more excited :)

Julene said...

can i just say I LOVE URBAN OUTFITTERS! i look at the apartment section of their website at least once a week, which is a big deal for me because i don't surf the web that much, well compared to some. love it, your house is going to be so awesome. now i have to come visit.