Sunday, November 21, 2010

things i {LOVE}

i have wanted this perfume for a good couple years, but haven't seen it here in stores. when i was in germany i found it. i may just have to see if it's still there come april.

DUH. i should own this. lens thermos. apparently there are many different ones out there. who knew! mine would have to be a canon one of course. i could handle snuggling up on my couch with cocoa inside this.

i love these nail polish colors from forever 21.

i want a watch like this...simple elegant with a large face and this one has a chocolate metallic like strap.

i love these boots. i have always wanted a pair of duck boots for winter. they would be perfect for my upcoming living in snowy wintered switzerland. from here.

these would make for great boots too. from here.

a pair of slipper boots from here. so great to wear around the house and keep my always cold footsies warm.


kaitlin said...

ya you should have that thermos. and i lovee those first boots for you.

Julene said...

i want a thermos like that. way cool. and i would also love to own the last pair of boots. im pretty sure i could pull them off.